“I don’t read women” and other such pompous declarations

Source: “I don’t read women” and other such pompous declarations


On Professionalism and Good Intentions: More on Education and Journalism

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While journalist Nichole Dobo has not corresponded with me since I posted Dear Journalists Covering Education, Let Me Explain, Dobo has posted a Tweet I believe deserves additional consideration:

Dobo’s insistence that her professionalism be respected (which I support fully) raises a key aspect of my concern for how journalists tend to cover education.

Like Dobo, Stephen Sawchuk, a top education journalist for Education Week, bristled at being criticized for education coverage, characterizing the challenges as “pretty offensive.”

Here, then, I am being sincere when I ask: How is the constant and unwarranted drumbeat about “bad teachers,” “failing schools,” and “education crisis” treating educators as professionals? How is the overwhelming lack of seeking teachers and educators as sources in education journalism treating…

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Pondering about New Years Resolutions

Just a quick ponder today – New Years Resolutions!

I was watching/catching up on Downton Abbeys Christmas day finale today. Without giving any spoilers to those of you who may have not caught up on it yet, they sing Auld Lang Syne at the end.

That song for some reason makes me feel so excited and almost emotional! I’m really not sure why! Yes so the thought of a new year ahead is exciting but literally the next day it is all forgotten. Much like any thoughts of new years resolutions I have!  (If interested  my IDEAS for resolutions were to write a blog (hurrah!), to do more running and enter some more events, to compete in more events with my horse and to eat 5 fruit and veg a day!)

However these ideas just get put to the back of my mind when the real life day to day stuff starts happening! Therefore I was pondering over the best way to keep resolutions… (as many blogs/sites have I know.)

But I have decided to use the excitement of singing Auld Lang Syne, all year round! Why not! To keep myself motivated and excited about new things and ambitions I will simply try to view everyday like it is the 1st of January, at 12.02am!!

If this means singing Auld Lang Syne at random times, then even better!

On another thought is this idea of maintaining excitement and ambition with resolutions just another resolution that will get forgotten…. Do we also have to make resolutions on how to keep resolutions!!  Or am i just going round in circles and being daft?


Pondering about Equality, Gender and Tradition

So last week me and my boyfriend, Tom, went to London to do a bit of sight-seeing, shopping and catching up with friends we met this summer in America. We went to the science museum and got really nerdy, we went to Covent garden and got tipsy listening to singers, we went to Buckingham Palace to show our USA friends and got all patriotic and wondered around numerous streets and shops in lovely areas of London and got quite poor…

On the first night in our Premier Inn hotel (in Slough because it was cheaper to stay there and get the train in than stay in London of course!), we had a nice dinner. We pigged out on a sharing platter to start (such a good option!) and then I had pizza and Tom had a burger.

Fairly quickly I noticed how the waiter was constantly asking ‘Sir’ if he would like drinks, if he has decided on food, if the meal was ok and if we want the bill. When the bill arrived he also gave it to ‘Sir’ and smiled at Tom and walked away. I then gave Tom cash for my half of the meal and then Tom paid on his card for the whole amount. We generally take it in turns to pay for things or we pay half, I like it that way as I wouldn’t like to feel I wasn’t paying for things. (Or vice versa?)

Tom had also noticed that the waiter, and also the guy checking us in had only addressed Tom when asking if we had everything we need etc. I feel that Tom noticed it as perhaps not being quite right but wasn’t sure what to make of it. And I was the same.

I would generally regard myself as highly valuing equality especially after such issues have been highlighted to me during my degree. However in this circumstance I wasn’t sure how to feel. On the one hand after deeper thought (not involving Tom as to not bore him with my random pondering) I did feel disregarded and did think it was rude and in the 21st century you cannot just address the man and assume the man is paying. It made me think where does this come from – tradition? And how can it still be like this in the 21st century when men and women are meant to be equal? However on the other hand I thought to myself, ‘well I do like it when Tom treats me, I did like it a bit when he used to try to pay when we were going on first dates’ but does that mean I am forgetting my values of equality? Does tradition ignore equality or can we have both? I’m not sure; I don’t have an answer so I am still pondering!!

In the mean time I would like to recommend some places in London! I’m not a ‘pro’ when it comes to London we just discovered some places whilst wondering around so thought I would share!

The first recommendation is to go to the History and Science museums and the numerous art galleries in London! This is a bit of a general recommendation but most is free and if you want to explore for a couple of hours they are perfect!

Whittard, Covent Garden – This is such a cute little shop, they sell a variety of tea, coffee and hot chocolate and also have daily tasting for all three! I tried a lovely fruit tea and if you are in tea varieties or life a freebee to try new things you should definitely pop in here!

Freemasons Arms Shepards Neame, Near Covent Garden – We went in this pub for a drink and sit down before getting the train back to Slough. It had a good busy atmosphere everyone seems to go in there after work and if you’re into sport they have numerous TV screens showing sports. They had a good range of beer and cider and was just a nice little pub with a good atmosphere.

Orsini Vintage, High street Kensington – So this is my step sisters shop just off of Kensington High Street which I of course had to give a mention! She stocks, what I describe as, an Aladdins Cave of vintage designer clothes, hand bags and jewellery. I have absolutely loved exploring her shops for goodies, and names such as Valentino and Gucci.

Hello World!

My aim with this blog is to basically write in a journal format, commenting and speculating on different aspects of life. I will write about issues in society that I notice day to day. I can’t help noticing more serious issues such as those relating to feminism and equality now after doing a degree with Plymouth University. Writing about my experiences in a blog means that I don’t have to bore my boyfriend, family and friends when I want to question, rant or just simply ponder about something. But I’m not writing in a heavy, serious way, I’m keeping it relatable and almost humorous… (If those subjects can be funny? Arguably not?)  I also want to include many other subjects such as friendship, work, food because it is a big passion of mine being a food lover and coming from a farming background, as well as places to visit, to stay and things in life to enjoy. If you’ve got this far down in the introduction that makes me very happy and I hope you will read some more of my blog!!