Pondering about New Years Resolutions

Just a quick ponder today – New Years Resolutions!

I was watching/catching up on Downton Abbeys Christmas day finale today. Without giving any spoilers to those of you who may have not caught up on it yet, they sing Auld Lang Syne at the end.

That song for some reason makes me feel so excited and almost emotional! I’m really not sure why! Yes so the thought of a new year ahead is exciting but literally the next day it is all forgotten. Much like any thoughts of new years resolutions I have!  (If interested  my IDEAS for resolutions were to write a blog (hurrah!), to do more running and enter some more events, to compete in more events with my horse and to eat 5 fruit and veg a day!)

However these ideas just get put to the back of my mind when the real life day to day stuff starts happening! Therefore I was pondering over the best way to keep resolutions… (as many blogs/sites have I know.)

But I have decided to use the excitement of singing Auld Lang Syne, all year round! Why not! To keep myself motivated and excited about new things and ambitions I will simply try to view everyday like it is the 1st of January, at 12.02am!!

If this means singing Auld Lang Syne at random times, then even better!

On another thought is this idea of maintaining excitement and ambition with resolutions just another resolution that will get forgotten…. Do we also have to make resolutions on how to keep resolutions!!  Or am i just going round in circles and being daft?



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