Hello World!

My aim with this blog is to write in a journal format, commenting and speculating on different aspects of life. I’m an early Years Teacher so my passion is researching and debating ways in which we can help children learn. I will also write about issues in society that I notice day to day. I can’t help noticing more serious issues such as those relating to feminism and equality now after doing an early childhood studies degree with Plymouth University. Writing about my experiences and observations in a blog means that I don’t have to bore my boyfriend, family and friends when I want to question, rant or just simply ponder about something. But I’m not writing in a heavy, serious way, I’m keeping it relatable and almost humorous… (If those subjects can be funny? Arguably not?)  I also want to include many other subjects such as friendship, work, food because it is a big passion of mine being a food lover and coming from a farming background, as well as places to visit, to stay and things in life to enjoy. If you’ve got this far down in the introduction that makes me very happy and I hope you will read some more of my blog!!


5 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Tak jsem se kouknul na seznam cest, ale v jistých případech bych s výběrem nesouhlasil, zařadit některé vyloženě pěkné cesty mezi hnusy:-)), no nevím, nevím, asi už kluci moc pijete a málo lezete:-)). Vlk


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